Are you looking for a home project this holiday season that won’t put your house out of commission? One great way to spruce up the design of your kitchen or bathroom is by adding a beautiful tile backsplash. While there is an overwhelming number of materials and designs to choose from, our team at Floor Coverings International Dakota County has come up with 3 simple and effective tile backsplash designs that can instantly transform your space.

Glass tile backsplash in Dakota County kitchen

The Subtle Contrast

If you are familiar with the 60-30-10 rule, in which 60% of your room is your main color, 30% your secondary color, and 10% your accent color, a tile backsplash typically falls into the two smaller categories. This means your backsplash is an important factor when adding contrast to your kitchen or bathroom’s design. For a subtle touch of design, consider adding a backsplash made of glass tile. The translucent surface reflects light and adds depth without overwhelming or attracting too much attention.

hand painted cement tile backsplashThe Focal Point

If subtly is not your thing, have your tile backsplash be the focal point of your kitchen or bathroom. From bright colors, to big, bold patterns, it’s easy to find the right tile that says, “Look at me!” If you’re looking for a truly unique design, choose a hand painted concrete or ceramic tile that ads both color and a beautiful pattern to your space. These tiles are very durable and come in a variety of shapes, from rectangles to octagons. Just be sure to choose a tile size and color that won’t throw off the balance of the rest of your home.

White tile backsplash on kitchen wall

The White Wall

A backsplash trend that has gained in popularity and isn’t going away anytime soon is counter-to-ceiling tile. Depending on the layout of your space, consider having white tile applied beyond the normal height of a backsplash. Similar to the idea of an accent wall, this style of backsplash helps draw your eye around your room, and creates a sense of brightness and height. If your walls are already white, the tile’s texture and finish will add an element of sophistication to your home’s design.

Find Your Perfect Tile Backsplash

To start planning your next tile backsplash, contact Floor Coverings International Dakota County today! Book your free estimate online and a member of our team will come to your home in our mobile showroom with our great selection of tile and backsplash designs. Start your next backsplash project today!

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