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Cork flooring has been making a huge resurgence in Rosemount homes lately as a trendy and eco-friendly alternative to hardwood floors. Cork has been used as flooring for decades, but for many years it came with the reputation of being “low-budget” rather than trendy. Innovations in technology have improved the appearance, texture, and durability of cork, all of which have contributed to its major comeback. We at Floor Coverings International Dakota County love cork flooring for many reasons, and we share our top 4 below!


Cork is a great flooring material because you have the ability to choose the pattern, color, and grain according to your specific preferences. It’s also available in a variety of formats, such as flooring tiles and planks, each providing its own unique appearance. Similar to other types of wood floorings, cork can be re-sanded and refinished if it becomes scuffed or you want to change the stain.


One of the greatest benefits of cork is how comfortable it is underfoot. Cork is a naturally springy wood that compresses under weight and springs back to its normal state when pressure is removed. Many Rosemount homeowners are pleased by the decreased tension they feel in their limbs after installing cork in their homes.


Something about cork that hasn’t changed over the years is its affordability compared to other flooring options. In the realm of eco-friendly materials, it is common to expect a “green” mark-up, which simply doesn’t exist with cork. As a substitute for hardwood, cork comes at a mere fraction of the cost, and still maintains the warmth of real hardwood.


For the environmentally conscious homeowners, cork is a great option. Other types of wood require the whole tree to be harvested, whereas cork is made from the only the bark of the tree, which grows back every nine years. Nearly zero excess waste is produced from cork production, making it extremely resource efficient.

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