Homeowners in the greater Apple Valley area love the look and versatility of tile. Whether it’s installed as flooring, a backsplash, or shower wall, the pattern you choose will have a great impact on the overall design of your tile. To help give you some ideas, today our experts at Floor Coverings International Dakota County share some of our favorite tile patterns that we think you’ll love too.

Straight Lay

It doesn’t get more simple than a straight lay tile pattern in which tiles are placed in a straight line. While it’s commonly seen in most tile applications, we like the straight lay pattern because it allows the tiles themselves to be the focal point. For a twist on a classic layout, try hand painted ceramic or concrete tile whose design creates a pattern of its own.

White subway tile laid in brickwork pattern


Another one of the most commonly found tile patterns is brickwork. Also known as the subway pattern, the brickwork pattern is created with square or rectangular tiles with an overlay of either 33 or 50 percent. This design works well with tiles of a similar color, often ceramic or porcelain. With smaller spaces where you might not be able to install large format tile, the brickwork pattern helps draw the eye around the room and create a larger sense of space.


We love the classic herringbone pattern because it instantly adds a touch of class to your home’s design. In this pattern, rectangular tile is placed at a 90 degree “V” shape, which can also be used to make a room feel larger. Homeowners often use the herringbone pattern with tile that has a 2:1 length-to-width ratio, as opposed to longer sizes used for hardwoods installed with the same pattern.


For a more complex design, consider a hopscotch tile pattern. This pattern uses square-cut tiles of two different sizes, the smaller tile being exactly ½ the size of the larger. The large tiles are laid with a 50% overlap with the smaller tile placed in the corner the overlap creates. This pattern is great for floors, and can be used for both large and smaller tile sizes.Versailles tile pattern in Dakota County home


For one of the most elegant, and also most complicated patterns, take a look at the beautiful Versailles pattern. It takes its name from the French Palace of Versailles where this pattern is used with beautiful, very large stone tile. This intricate pattern uses both square and rectangular tiles of 4 different sizes that visually create a random-appearing pattern without being overwhelming. When done right, the results are simply stunning.

In order to achieve pattern perfection with tile in your home, call Floor Coverings International Dakota County today. Our team of tile experts have the skills and know-how needed to install the perfect tile flooring for your home’s design. Get started on your next project today!

Photos © ExpressVectors, Elena Elisseeva