For a time, many Apple Valley homeowners opted for wood laminates and composites over traditional hardwoods. However, wood flooring trends have started cycling back to real and true hardwood. The look and classic appeal of a genuine wood floor never really went out of style, but now it’s experiencing an exciting revival. At Floor Coverings International Dakota County, we offer a variety of hardwood flooring options, as well as hardwood alternatives. If you’re looking for some ideas for an upcoming project, you may want to consider some of the following top hardwood flooring trends to watch for in the coming year.

1. Vintage

In an effort to fully embrace the history and appeal of hardwood flooring, we’re seeing a range of vintage looks. In addition to pulling up old carpeting to enjoy the original floor underneath in older homes, there are also ranges of new styles that embody this weathered look. Scuffs and intentional “flaws” only add to the traditional appeal of these modern versions of vintage wood flooring varieties.

2. Black & Dark Grayhardwood flooring trends of 2017 Apple Valley, MN

A particularly chic, appealing trend in hardwood flooring is highly dramatic finishes, including gray and black. Far from obscuring the texture and look of hardwood flooring, these finishes are taking hardwood surfaces to new places in Apple Valley, MN. Shades of ebony, espresso, charcoal, and dark walnut are very popular. A high-gloss polish enhances the refined effect for a contemporary take on a traditional hardwood floor.

3. Gray-Brown

If you’re not quite ready to make the leap to a dark gray or black hardwood floor, a gray-brown look can offer a compelling compromise. You can achieve this look through staining or installing a mix of brown and gray planks that are similar in hue.

4. Minimal Grain & Contrast

Another trend in hardwood flooring is a homogenous, almost-solid and smooth surface with minimal wood grain. This is quite a contrast to styles that are prized and favored for highly visible grains and knots throughout. One benefit of this trend is the more opaque the surface, the easier it is to hide the plank edges and create an overall smooth and consistent look.

5. Ultra-BlondeApple Valley hardwood

On the heels of the low-contrast trend, and entirely opposed to the movement toward gray and black wood flooring, is the ultra-blonde hardwood trend. This wood tone was popular around two decades ago, but now it’s making a resurgence. Look for eggshell and natural matte finishes instead of semi-gloss this time around. These light wood shades are all but devoid of yellow or gold, and they lean toward a more neutral look. The final result is crisp, cool, and elegant.

6. Whitewashed

For those who think blonde just isn’t light enough, you’re in luck. Whitewashed finishes are also an option. Whitewashed floors can give any room a fresh, clean, and modern look. In open-concept homes, white floors flow from one room to the next and are easy to accessorize. Take your pick from thick opaque white finishes or looks that are slightly translucent. Low-gloss topcoats are ideal for whitewashed styles.

When it comes to hardwood flooring, homeowners in the Burnsville, Apple Valley, Eagan, & St. Paul areas have more options than ever before to achieve the look they want. Get inspired by these six hardwood flooring trends for 2017, and call Floor Coverings International Dakota County today to schedule a free design consultation!


Photos: © Vadym Andrushchenko