dakota county best flooring for bedrooms

Arguably, bedrooms are the most intimate areas of any home. Your bedroom is at the core of your living space, so it’s essential that the design reflects your identity. Dining rooms, living rooms, and other spaces should take guest and housemate accommodation into account. However, your bedroom is truly your own, and floors are a significant factor in the perfection of these personal comfort zones.

Homeowners prioritize a host of qualities in their bedroom floors, including contentment, aesthetic, and clarity of function. Join the flooring experts of Floor Coverings International Dakota County as we cover some of the best flooring for bedrooms in Apple Valley.

Carpet Bedroom Flooring

Carpets provide much of what homeowners look for in bedroom flooring, and it’s no surprise. They boast unbeatable softness and comfort, superior warmth, and they permit custom visual design in ways that most other floors do not. No matter which colors soothe you, there is a carpet to meet your needs.

When you climb out of bed in the morning, carpet meets your feet with warm plush. This is particularly important for those who do not always appreciate the morning hours, and require a bit of special treatment to move forward and greet the day. Carpet represents some of the best flooring for bedrooms, so it’s an obvious inclusion in our list of favorites.

Hardwood Bedroom Flooring

While not as warm or soft as carpet, hardwood is still one of the best choices in bedroom flooring due to its calm beauty. Hardwood can summon a variety of vibes for your bedroom, from classic dark-stained elegance to a lighter, more modern current. If you find yourself at ease among rustic interiors, hardwood can be custom-distressed to reproduce the timeless look of a faithful and worn surface.

Compared to carpet, hardwood is hypoallergenic. For homeowners with allergies, this is a pretty decisive advantage! Carpet can accumulate all kinds of dust and dander, and the last thing you want in your relaxing bedroom is an allergic reaction!

dakota county best flooring for bedrooms

Luxury Vinyl Bedroom Flooring

This flooring material makes it onto our list for its imitation of virtually everything hardwood offers. Luxury vinyl can closely imitate hardwood or other natural flooring materials, thanks to its incredible print-layer technology below the protective surface veneer. If you love the concept of stone flooring, but have concerns about freezing floors during Minnesota winters, luxury vinyl is your answer.

Luxury vinyl is much easier to maintain than both hardwood and stone, featuring a resilience to stains, scratches, and cleaning agents that the somewhat pricier natural options do not. Yes, you read it right — luxury vinyl is easier on the wallet than natural floors. The downside is that this flooring, while awfully convincing, cannot be refinished like true hardwood once it wears down. Thankfully, luxury vinyl tends to last so many years that replacing it is almost always a very distant concern.

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