Carpet Options Nylon OlefinWhen most homeowners start their search for the perfect new carpet, they think about their color choices and about the pile type that might fit best in their space. There’s another big decision that comes into play when choosing the perfect carpet for you, though—your carpet’s fibers. Consumers have a number of choices on the market when it comes to selecting the right carpet fiber for them, but two of the most popular options are Nylon and Olefin.

While both carpeting types have their advantages, there are a host of key differences between the two. This month, the team at Floor Coverings International Dakota County is putting the spotlight on Nylon and Olefin in three categories: color options, stain resistance, and cost to help you decide which carpet fits best in your home.

Color options—Color is one of the first characteristics that homeowners consider as they plan their next carpeting project. While both Nylon and Olefin offer a host of color and style options, Nylon has an edge in this category. Unlike Olefin, Nylon can absorb water, so it can be easily dyed to match any design idea. Olefin, on the other hand, is resistant to water, so the dyeing process is more complex and results in more limited options. Of course, Olefin’s water resistance also means that it is incredibly stain resistant, and its more complicated dyeing process results in color that will not fade.

Texture retention— Texture retention, or the ability of a carpet to “bounce back,” is an area where Nylon shines. Its fibers can stand up to life’s everyday challenges and hold their form longer than other carpeting types can.

Cost— While both carpeting type’s prices do fall within a spectrum, Olefin will, on average, be the more budget friendly option. For owners who want an affordable carpet that won’t stain or fade, Olefin is often the right choice. For owners who are willing to invest a bit more for a carpet that will hold its shape and have more style options, Nylon can be a better option.

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Photo: AMatveev