energy efficient floors in burnsville, minnesotaFlooring not only adds beauty to your home, but it should also serve a function. One such function offered by some types of flooring is helping keep you cooler in the summer and warmer in winter. Having energy-efficient floors can save on energy bills and help maintain a comfortable temperature in your Burnsville, Minnesota, home throughout the seasons. Here’ll we’ll look at the technology you can incorporate into your flooring to achieve this, as well as some of the best energy-efficient flooring materials.

Radiant Heating

One of the newer technologies is radiant floor heating, which has become more popular over the last decade. However, not all flooring types work well with radiant heat systems. Wood floors, for example, do not work well with radiant heating. Wood is an insulator on its own, so it does not allow the heat from the subfloor system to pass through it to the room above. If you use radiant heat, you should consider laminate, ceramic tile, or natural stone tile. All three of these flooring types allow radiant heat to pass through them and heat the home while still feeling comfortable underfoot.

Hardwood Floors

There are many energy-efficient tools that help keep warmth inside on cold days and cool air inside on hot days, such as dual pane windows. Flooring also plays a part in maintaining energy efficiency. Hardwood flooring is a beautiful example of a flooring product that is energy efficient. If installed correctly, wood floors are warm in winter and cool in summer, adding a buffer between the subfloor and your room. Wood absorbs heat, which is why it makes a good insulator. You can offset the hardness of a wood floor by using area rugs. This combination provides both the energy efficiency of hardwood flooring and the softness of carpeting.

Carpeting itself is not a very energy efficient flooring material. It may feel warmer in comparison to natural stone or hardwood flooring, but it does not prevent the open exchange of energy from the subfloor to the room or vice versa.

Natural Stone

Natural stone is another energy efficient flooring product. It is not as good of an insulator as hardwood flooring, but it does add an insulating factor. Natural stone absorbs heat. It takes a lot of heat to warm it, but once it’s heated it offers radiating heat in return. Natural stone is good for homes in the Burnsville, Apple Valley, Eagan, & St. Paul area where the climate varies from season-to-season.

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