Fall is around the corner and Burnsville area homeowners know what that means: school is starting, the weather will be changing, leaves will start falling… and your floors will take the brunt of it. If you have carpet flooring, you may be concerned about the additional wear and tear this seasonal change might bring. Luckily, Floor Coverings International Dakota County is here with our top tips on getting your carpet ready for fall.

Carpet cleaning in Burnsville

Deep Clean Your Carpets

Carpets should be cleaned at least once a year, and maybe more depending on the amount of traffic they see. Believe it or not, the end of summer is a great time to clean your carpet and prepare for the increase of foot traffic, bad weather, and plant debris that autumn brings. While regular vacuuming will help prevent dirt accumulation, your carpets will benefit from an annual professional shampoo or steam to help them look newer and last longer.

Adjust Your Furniture

Changing your furniture arrangement has several benefits when it comes to preserving your carpet floors. Moving heavy couches and chairs in a carpeted room will prevent permanent marks in your floors. A new arrangement will also redirect traffic patterns and help prevent uneven wear.

Use Doormats

For any type of flooring you may have, one of the best ways to prevent excess dirt from entering your home is by using doormats at each entryway. Outdoor mats should be tough and coarse to withstand regular wiping and trap debris, and indoor mats should be a bit longer to give ample time and space for any leftover dirt to fall off.

Doormat in Burnsville

Leave Your Shoes at the Door

Speaking of doormats, they are an excellent place to leave your shoes! What better way to enjoy the feeling of your luxurious carpets between your toes than by removing your shoes? For the colder months ahead, indoor shoes and slippers are also a great way to keep your feet warm and prevent excess debris build-up and carpet wear.

Carpet is a great flooring option for many homeowners, and Floor Coverings International Dakota County offers great selection, expert advice, and professional installation for Burnsville, Apple Valley, Eagan, & St. Paul area homes. Give us a call today to schedule your free, in-home design consultation!

Photo © fizkes, Sergey Chayko