Burnsville Carpet Flooring aAt Floor Coverings International Dakota County, we love thinking about design and putting our skills to work to define and improve a space. Carpeting is an excellent tool for this purpose because it’s available in nearly every color possible, offers many pile depths, and comes in a variety of textures. Find out how we put those three elements to work to craft the best design for your Burnsville area home.

Carpet and Color

Color is an excellent tool for defining spaces. It works wonderfully to create an illusion or imply the use of a room without the need for walls. This is especially useful now that open floors plans have become more popular in Burnsville; different carpeting colors help separate the different elements of an open space and can mark the way different spaces are used. Utilizing different colors creates organized lines in your home and subconsciously directs visitors without confining them; it gives a large room a cozy feel without the claustrophobic stuffiness that small rooms sometimes bring.

Carpet and Depth (Pile)

The pile is the length of the carpet fibers, sometimes called the “nap” of the carpet, and it’s another tool in our design toolbox to craft your space. Living areas with mixed flooring types and deep pile carpets break up the hard feel of surfaces like hardwood floors or stone tiles. Using high pile in mixed flooring areas also works well to define space and note the areas where people come to relax.

Carpet and Texture

Carpet provides texture by either a difference in its pile lengths or by incorporating patterns. Using carpet texture in design is a good way to break up large, solid color spaces and add interest to your room. Texture or pattern can also be a way to break up surfaces like wood floors that can seem monotone without accent pieces.

At Floor Coverings International Dakota County, we’re passionate about providing a personal touch on all of your carpeting projects and helping you craft the rooms of your dreams. To schedule an appointment with one of our flooring experts, call us today and book your Design Consultation. We proudly serve the greater Burnsville area and will bring our Mobile Showroom to you so you can evaluate all of our carpet samples at work in your own home. Call today and book your free Design Consultation and in-home estimate.


Photo: Iriana Shiyan