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Floors don’t come any softer than carpet, and the pleasure of familiar fiber underfoot is a crucial element in homes throughout St. Paul. But if you’re looking to have carpet installed, you need the right look and feel to get your decor just right.

One variable to consider is light vs. dark carpet — which of these will better serve your home? Peruse today’s guide to carpet color with an emphasis on light and dark tones, brought to you by the carpet specialists at Floor Coverings International Dakota County.

Light Carpet Tones

Light carpet is the more traditional choice in our guide. It can invigorate the home with its bright energy. The lighter the tone, the more vital the ambience. Light carpets may take more time to consider because they come in such a nuanced range of color grades. Eggshell is just a hair away from burnt cream, but the distinction may still be important. Diverse options mean more customization, and that’s just what light carpet tones offer.

On the other hand, lighter carpet will be more difficult to maintain than its dark counterpart. High-traffic homes may see more spills or outside dirt, and light carpet is honest — it won’t hide much of anything! Lighter shades of brown may offset this con while still keeping your interior buzzing with energy.

st. paul light carpet

Dark Carpet Tones

For those who seek coziness and calm, dark carpets are just the ticket. With its deep tones, dark carpet hides a great deal of dirt or stains, making it a good deal simpler to maintain than light carpet.

Yet if your carpet is too dark, high-traffic sections may lighten in color over time. Long-term abrasion has a fading effect, and for that matter, so does excess sunlight exposure. If you are dead-set on the darkest possible carpet, non-central, curtained rooms may be the best locations for installation.

Light or Dark, We Hit the Mark!

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