Between warmth and comfort, carpet has become the ultimate flooring choice for Minnesota homeowners. Even in the dead of a St. Paul winter, carpet makes your home feel cozy. At Floor Coverings International Dakota County we don’t want you to just pick flooring because we say it’s good. We want you to make an informed decision, so you can be happy and confident with your new flooring. That’s why we’ve broken down everything you should know about carpet. 

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Carpet material heavily impacts the durability and aesthetic of your carpet. There are two main types: synthetic and natural. Like most things, each has benefits and drawbacks.

Over the past several years, synthetic carpets have become a staple of the modern home. Synthetic material, specifically nylon has made huge strides. It is now mostly stain-resistant and more durable than carpets of the past. Many believe that synthetic carpets are less comfortable than natural carpets, but this is a complete misconception.

Natural carpets are more eco-friendly than synthetic carpets. Natural fiber carpets, like wool, give your St. Paul home an added layer of luxury that synthetic carpet cannot compete with. However, this luxurious feel comes at a cost and if you’re on a budget, natural carpets will not be the most affordable option.


When carpet is constructed, fibers are woven through a stiff backing. This process creates a series of loops on the surface of the carpet. These fibers can be left as-is, creating a “loop pile” carpet. Berber carpet is a common example of loop pile carpet. The pile can also be cut to create a “cut pile” carpet. From frieze to saxony, the flat surface of a cut pile carpet is a common feature in many St. Paul homes.

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If your home is full of four-legged pets and active children, then you should avoid installing a light-colored solid carpet. Instead, opt for a speckled patterned carpet, as it will help hide dirt and debris. A dark colored carpet will have the same vanishing effect. However, if you’re looking to install carpet in a low foot-traffic area, then a light cream carpet will help brighten the room, making the space feel larger.

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