You’re in love with hardwood, and at Floor Coverings International Dakota County, we are too! Because not all hardwood is created equal, we know that not every variety is suitable for every budget. So today, our flooring team is here to talk about affordability. We’ve scratched up a few simple groups outlining the standout qualities of hardwood floor types for every budget in Burnsville, Apple Valley, Eagan, & St. Paul.

Bamboo, Oak, and Hickory

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Three good, solid choices in the most affordable range. Bamboo is a trendy option with an above-average water resistance for hardwood, although you still need to be careful with your drinks. It also grows at a much faster rate than other hardwood sources, making it eco-friendly.

Oak is the everyman hardwood. It is a common and reliable choice, offering great stability. Not only that, but prominent grain patterns mean that oak is a hardwood floor with respectable style. If you’re looking for something a bit less flashy, there is always hickory. It’s a classic from the American frontier, where it was valued for its reliability and strength. Hickory will definitely give your hardwood floor a bold rustic quality, and at a great value.

Eucalyptus, Walnut, and Rosewood

These three sound beautiful already. At the middle budget level, you can receive one of these hardwood types for floor installation in your Burnsville, Apple Valley, Eagan, & St. Paul home. Eucalyptus (lyptus for short) is similar in appearance to its higher-budget cousin mahogany. All the appearance, minus the cost.

Walnut has a natural rich brown tone, sort of like hot chocolate. Talk about warmth! It doesn’t even have to be stained like other woods, which means you can keep the lovely grain pattern clear and visible. Speaking of lovely, the red-brown hue of rosewood is perfect for luxury-style hardwood floors at a moderate budget. And rosewood is very tough, so it’s a great choice for high-traffic areas too.

Ash and Mahogany

We’ve made it to the top! These are the high-value hardwood types, and they are worth it. Ash tends to come in a naturally light tone, which makes it a cheerful option for a sunny Burnsville, Apple Valley, Eagan, & St. Paul home. It is also notorious for being tougher than oak, which may just make it the better option for hardwood floors that will see a lot of walking. If you want exotic hardwood flooring, mahogany is a luxurious and tough wood – red mahogany is the toughest wood on this list! Mahogany grain is tight, and it is resistant to water and air pockets. This is a gorgeous hardwood that means business.

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