Basements are a great bonus toBasement Carpet in Burnsville, MN any home and can serve as a playroom for kids, a workshop to pursue any number of hobbies, or even a home theater. Finishing a basement is an excellent way to utilize available space for something other than storage, and when completed, a large or small basement provides family members or housemates the opportunity to escape to a more secluded part of the home. Although well worth the time and effort to remodel, basements present a number of flooring challenges in Burnsville homes. Often times unfinished basement floors are made of cold, uneven concrete, and all basements are susceptible to moisture damage caused by leaks or heavy rain. Nevertheless, basement flooring installation shouldn’t be feared. The risks of uninvited moisture can be managed before installation, and thoughtful flooring choices ensure easy maintenance. Carpet flooring, in particular, is a great choice when turning a cold underground space into a warm and inviting rec room, guest room, or home office because it provides a sense of coziness not offered by vinyl or laminate floors.

Preventing Moisture

Basement moisture can be caused by a number of factors, including water surrounding the base of a home or simply due to the porous nature of concrete, which most basements are made of. Water can seep through basement floors and foundation walls, but if managed properly is unlikely to become an issue. Two ways to prevent moisture and subsequent mildew and mold buildup include the installation of ceiling fans and running a dehumidifier when finishing a basement. Both are small additions that ensure the longevity of basement flooring.

Tile Carpeting’s Unique Advantage

In place of laminate, vinyl, or wall-to-wall carpeting, tile carpeting also provides a unique advantage when finishing a basement. Carpet tiles can be easily removed and replaced one at a time if spotted water damage does occur. Furthermore, tile carpeting is easier to transport than traditional carpet, making it incredibly convenient for basement flooring installation.

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