Apple Valley carpetWhen it comes time to choose a new carpet flooring for your Apple Valley home, it’s not uncommon to become overwhelmed by all the options available. There are more choices today than there have ever been. With the help of Floor Coverings International Dakota County, you can find the perfect carpet for your lifestyle. To help get you started, we’ve compiled a list with basic information of some of the most popular carpet materials on the market.


One of the most popular carpet materials, commonly found in many different carpeting varieties, is nylon. Its versatility, durability, and resiliency make it a good choice for various interiors. One benefit of nylon carpet fibers is they can bounce back and retain their spring even in high traffic areas. Nylon can be combined with other fiber materials to create durable and beautiful carpet flooring. Although it’s not naturally stain resistant, nylon can be treated to increase its durability and help it maintain its color.


Polyester is a common carpet material that tends to be more affordable than many of its alternatives. It’s a synthetic material largely made from other recycled polyester materials, such as bottle caps and tires, which are not biodegradable. Polyester is often found in carpets with thick piles, making it very comfortable and soft underfoot. This material is also a good choice if you’re looking for a brightly colored carpet, as it holds dyes well. One downside is polyester carpet isn’t very durable, so it is not recommended for use in high traffic areas of your Apple Valley home.


If you’re looking for a luxurious carpet option, wool might be perfect for you. Alternatively, if you’re on a budget, it’s not the most affordable option. Wool carpet is naturally stain resistant, repelling oil and liquid spills. It’s important to clean up the spills right away because the wool does not instantly absorb liquid like other materials do. However, if left to sit, the liquid can soak deep into the fibers, making it more difficult to remove. If you are worried about exposing your family members to chemicals, wool is a great option because it is a natural material made from sheering the wool from a sheep. If untreated with synthetic chemicals or dyes, it’s hypoallergenic.

Olefin (Polypropylene)

Another synthetic option, olefin is a carpet that has gotten mixed reviews. On the plus side, it’s an affordable option that is very resistant to stains. On the other hand, olefin fibers are not very durable when it comes to standing up to daily, heavy foot traffic. Olefin carpet is often a good choice for rooms that don’t experience as much activity. Constant use will wear down the fibers and make them irreversibly flattened, which can make the carpet look old and dirty. One way to avoid this pitfall of olefin carpet is to use a low pile option, either with shorter fibers or loops, such as those found in Berber carpet.

For more information on the various carpet options available for your Apple Valley home, call the experts at Floor Coverings International Dakota County and schedule a free in-home consultation!

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