Dakota County living room with new nylon carpetsWhen it comes to carpet materials, it’s hard to beat the durability and versatility of nylon. Of the varieties of synthetic fibers available today, nylon carpet is a top choice among homeowners in the greater Dakota County area who love its ease of maintenance and variety of available design options.

At Floor Coverings International Dakota County, we love nylon carpets and want you to know more about them. Read on as our team explores the different qualities that nylon carpeting can bring to your home to help you decide if it’s the right flooring for your needs.


Nylon was invented in 1935 in Wilmington, Delaware by chemists working for the DuPont Company. A polyamide prized for its strength and versatility in materials such as fishing line and toothbrushes, nylon was first introduced by DuPont as a carpet material in the 1950s. Today, nylon is the most popular synthetic material that makes up the carpet market thanks to its top-of-the-line durability and wide range of available styles.

Applications and Maintenance

Nylon’s strength makes it a great material for both loop pile and cut pile carpet styles and its softness is pleasant underfoot. Because of its resilience, nylon works exceedingly well in carpets with longer pile thanks to the individual fibers’ ability to bounce back after compression. This includes styles such as saxony and frieze, which aren’t as durable when made from other synthetics.

Maintaining your nylon carpets is relatively straightforward, requiring regular vacuuming to keep the fibers clean and looking their best. Be aware that some varieties of nylon carpet absorb liquids more easily, allowing for the possibility of stains. While most carpets are finished with an anti-staining coating, it’s important to blot up any spills as quickly as possible to avoid permanent stains.

Up close view of plush nylon carpet

Grades and Cost

Like most carpet materials, nylon carpets come in a range of qualities and grades, which ultimately determines the cost. On the lower end of the quality range, nylon tends to outperform other materials of a similar grade. Nylon is certainly not the least expensive carpet material, but its durability will help balance the initial cost at install. At Floor Coverings International Dakota County, we partner with industry-leading manufacturers so you can be sure to find the best quality nylon carpets available for your project’s budget.

If you are ready to find the perfect carpet flooring for your home or business, call us today or book online to schedule your free design consultation. We provide excellent selection, quality tips and advice, and professional installation to the greater Burnsville, Apple Valley, Eagan, & St. Paul areas.

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