Ash Hardwood Flooring, BurnsvilleAsh flooring is a lightly colored, durable hardwood that appeals to many homeowners in the Burnsville area. Similar to oak, ash flooring is a versatile option that will fit any lifestyle and décor. Our team at Floor Coverings International Dakota County is ready to help you explore the pros and cons of ash and other hardwood flooring options. Contact us for a free in-home design consultation when you are ready to get started.

Appearance and Durability

Ash flooring is often compared to red oak and white oak for its coloring and grain pattern. The wood ranges in color from the creamy white sapwood to the darker tan and brown heartwood. It is close in color to white oak, but often with a yellow hue.

The grain pattern in ash is similar to red oak, though less pronounced. The grain is relatively straight and consistent with occasional waves. It is an open grain wood, and it absorbs and holds stain well. Most buyers select ash for its light color, and therefore it’s often stained very lightly, if at all.

Ash falls between red and white oak on the Janka hardness scale, ranking 1320. It’s a very hard domestically grown species that will resist dings and scratches over time. Ash is often used for baseball bats, hockey sticks, and garden tools, which will give buyers some indication of its hardness and shock resistant qualities.

Cost and Maintenance

Like all hardwood flooring, the cost of ash depends on the grade of the wood. Ash is available in multiple grades, and lightly colored boards with straight grain patterns are typically more desirable, and therefore more costly. Ash is also available in solid hardwood or engineered hardwood planks. Engineered hardwood is a great, cost-effective option if the flooring will be installed below grade or on a concrete subfloor.

Ash flooring requires relatively light maintenance. Sweep or vacuum on the bare floor setting once a week, use a damp mop for deeper cleaning, and clean occasionally with a wood flooring product to keep the wood looking its best. Standing water should be cleaned up immediately, and area rugs are recommended at entry points and in high traffic areas.

If you’re interested in learning more about ash or other hardwood species, contact our team at Floor Coverings International Dakota County. We’re ready to help you find the perfect floor covering for your Burnsville home!


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