hardwood floors EaganHere at Floor Coverings International Dakota County, we love the look and feel of hardwood floors. This classic and timeless style adds warmth to any space. Another thing we love about hardwood is the many varieties there are to choose from. Between all the different species, plank styles, and finishes available, finding a hardwood floor that’s unique to you and your home has never been easier. One particular species we enjoy for Eagan homes is birch, which has a number of unique qualities that make it a great choice. Read on to learn some of the characteristics and benefits of birch hardwood floors.

History of Birch

Birch has a long list of historical significances and uses that date back centuries. Native Americans used birch for canoe frames and arrow shafts. New Englanders often used birch in their homes for flooring, as it was durable and plentiful in the area. Its beauty, versatility, and durability has led birch to be used for various other purposes in addition to flooring, including building material, spools, handles, and cradles. Birch leaves have also been used in medicinal remedies. It’s one of the most admired ornamental trees and is often used in landscaping.

Birch Flooring Durability

When it comes to using birch as a flooring material, there are a number of qualities that make it a nice option for many Eagan homes. Yellow birch is the most commonly used birch species for flooring purposes, and it has a Janka rating of 1260. Sweet birch, which is also used for flooring, has a rating of 1470. These hardness ratings fall around the same area on the Janka scale as the wood species oak and maple, which are both commonly used as flooring. Although not on the high end of the scale, the ratings indicate that both yellow and sweet birch are suitable for use as floors that will experience moderate levels of traffic.

Aesthetic Applications

Birch has a natural beauty that allows it to work well in a variety of both traditional and contemporary interiors. The tonal variation of the light sapwood and the darker heartwood, ranging in yellow to red and brown hues, can add a beautiful and unique appeal when combined. If finished professionally and with proper machinery, birch can have an especially smooth finish that makes it a perfect candidate for staining. As is the case with other hardwood floors, proper maintenance and care is important to make birch wood flooring last.

Do you think birch wood might be the right flooring choice for your Eagan home? Contact your local experts at Floor Coverings International Dakota County today to schedule a free in-home estimate and design consultation!


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