Douglas fir softwood flooring in Dakota CountyDouglas fir trees are native to North America and have become one of the most used lumber species in the nation for everything from plywood to Christmas trees. It is a less common flooring choice but still provides a good option for Apple Valley homes looking for a softer wood. Let us take you through the pros and cons of Douglas fir. If you think fir is right for you, contact Floor Coverings International Dakota County and let’s get started on your new flooring project together!


  • Low Price: The ample supply of Douglas fir in the Pacific Northwest and Canada keeps the price lower than other flooring varieties. It is a less popular species for flooring, which also keeps the cost low.
  • Profile: Douglas fir planks boast beautiful creamy yellows and deeper reddish browns that give it a warm and rustic look. Because the trees are so tall (the second largest coniferous tree in the United States!), the boards can be cut with incredible length. This allows them to maintain a uniformity not seen in many wood floors.
  • Comfortable: The softer quality of the wood means it’s spongier underfoot and will keep your joints happy and relaxed. This is a great wood choice for a bedroom or living room where people are likely to lounge on the floor and need a softer surface than traditional hardwood species provide.
  • Eco-friendly: Douglas fir trees are sourced from the United States, which makes it a more local choice than exotic varieties such as Brazilian Cherry, Bamboo, or Cork. It is not a threatened wood species. If sustainability is important to you, ask more about Douglas fir.


  • Technically softwood: With a Janka hardness rating of 660, Douglas fir is actually classified as softwood. For reference, one of the most popular hardwood species, red oak, has a rating of 1290.
  • Tough to maintain: the softness of the wood means it is more likely to acquire scratches and dents over the years. Refinishing your floor can easily get rid of any superficial damage but will make the long-term price of your floors higher than a more durable option.
  • Lower value: Apple Valley homeowners expecting to resell would be advised against choosing Douglas fir. With how likely it is to get damaged over the years, especially by kids or pets, it is a less popular choice and can lower the value of your home. You may lose potential buyers by installing softwood floors rather than a traditional hardwood.

If you are planning to stay in your Apple Valley home for many years to come, appreciate the forgiving and delicate feel of a softwood, and love the natural color profile of Douglas fir, it might be a perfect choice for you. As your trusted flooring experts at Floor Coverings International Dakota County, we’ll come for a free in-home consultation and estimate to help you decide if Douglas fir is right for your home and your lifestyle. Call us today!


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Photo Credit: Zuzana Susterova