hand scraped hardwood flooringHand scraped, or hand sculpted, hardwood flooring refers to a process that gives new hardwood floors a gorgeous, timeworn appearance. Hand scraped hardwood flooring is a smart choice for homeowners who love the look of aged hardwood floors or for those homeowners who are interested in flooring that helps them conceal the wear and tear of everyday life. At Floor Coverings International Dakota County, we provide this elegant and unique flooring type for the greater Burnsville area.

What Makes Hand Scraped Hardwood Different?

Every hand scraped hardwood flooring plank is given the personal attention of a woodworker. Usually, when hardwood flooring is constructed, it’s smoothed by machine. In the case of hand scraped hardwood flooring, though, a woodworker uses a drawknife to smooth the hardwood planks. That human attention creates planks that are completely one-of-a-kind and look as though they’ve aged naturally in a home.

While some say that distressed hardwood flooring is similar to hand scraped, there is one key difference. When hardwood flooring is labeled as “distressed,” it means that a machine scraped it. While this does result in a timeworn appearance, the patterns that the machines create are uniform. With hand scraped hardwood flooring, the human variation creates flooring that is truly artisan and original.

How Should I Maintain Hand Scraped Hardwood Flooring?

One of the benefits of hand scraped hardwood flooring is its easy maintenance schedule. Hand scraped hardwood flooring naturally masks dirt and damage, so it boasts one of the most relaxed cleaning schedules among hardwood flooring types. To maintain your hardwoods in the best shape, mop your floors weekly with a mild detergent and water. Otherwise, a broom and dustpan are generally all that are needed to keep your floors in top shape.

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