reclaimed hardwood flooring Burnsville Reclaimed hardwood is at the very center of a super-hip, super-modern design trend that began in the early 2000s and is still going strong. All kinds of people have gravitated toward the rough look of reclaimed wood, installing it in homes, cafés and fashionable office spaces to create a rustic-vintage atmosphere of authenticity.

The hardwood experts at Floor Coverings International Dakota County are here to give you some essential information about reclaimed hardwood so that you can decide if it’s right for your Burnsville home.

What Exactly Is Reclaimed Hardwood?reclaimed hardwood flooring Burnsville

Reclaimed hardwood is any hardwood that’s taken from one place and repurposed in another. Reclaimed lumber typically comes from old buildings like barns, factories, and warehouses – but it’s not uncommon to find people using reclaimed lumber from old barrels, boxcars, mines, and houses.

When it comes to flooring, most of the hardwood isn’t actually from other old floors since it’s wildly time consuming and complicated (read: expensive) to retrieve old tongue-and-groove planks without damaging them. Rather, reclaimed wood floors are usually made up of plank hardwood from walls, roofs, and other easily retrievable parts of a building.

Why Choose Reclaimed Hardwood? 

Principally, Burnsville homeowners choose reclaimed hardwood for their floors because it tells a story. It’s a meeting of old and new, beginning and end, departure and destination. Who wouldn’t want to wake up in the morning and make coffee in a kitchen whose floors come from the planks of an old barn in Pennsylvania?

But beyond it’s sentimental and historic value, reclaimed hardwood has some other substantial benefits:

  • Beauty – Reclaimed wood tends to have a distressed, antique appearance. The patina and natural imperfections/discolorations give it a personal, one-of-a-kind feel.
  • Strength – Reclaimed lumber often comes from old growth, virgin trees, which have been less affected by pollution and are therefore more stable when it comes to temperature change and humidity levels.
  • Sustainability – Choosing to use reclaimed wood means that you’re reducing the environmental impact of logging and lumber manufacture. Enjoy your floors knowing that you’ve given old hardwood a second life.

reclaimed hardwood flooring Burnsville Other Important Considerations

Before you choose reclaimed hardwood, know that it’s not uncommon for unethical companies to offer poor quality or knockoff products as impossibly cheap reclaimed hardwood. The time and labor involved in retrieving and preparing this beautiful product can (and usually do) make it a pricier flooring option.

The best way to be sure that you’re getting an authentic product at a reasonable cost is to work with the industry professionals at Floor Coverings International Dakota County since we maintain relationships with reputable reclaimed wood dealers.

Our team serves Burnsville, Apple Valley, Eagan, & St. Paul and surrounding areas, and we’ll help you find the perfect reclaimed hardwood floors for your design goals and budget. Contact us today!

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