Burnsville hardwood floorsIts timeless beauty, durability, and variety of aesthetics are a few things that lead many Burnsville homeowners to choose hardwood flooring for their homes. There are a number of choices one has to make when looking for the right wood floors. One of those choices is deciding between prefinished and unfinished wood. There are pros and cons to both, and the best choice for one person may not be the same for another. It mainly comes down to personal preferences and what you’re looking for in your floor. The experts at Floor Coverings International Dakota County have put together some basic facts about unfinished hardwood flooring to help you decide if it’s the right option for you.

What Does “Unfinished” Mean?

When choosing an unfinished wood floor, what that means is the wood planks will arrive at your home without having already gone through the finishing process. Sometimes called site-finished flooring, the contractor will sand, stain, and seal unfinished wood flooring on-site at your home. The alternative, prefinished hardwood, arrives at your home ready to install and has already undergone the finishing process in the factory setting.

Pros of Unfinished Hardwood

There are many benefits of unfinished hardwood flooring. The main benefit is the flexibility you have in obtaining a specific look. It yields the best result if you’re trying to match your new wood floors to existing ones in your Burnsville home. Since the contractor finishes the planks at your home, he can work with you to more closely match your preferred aesthetic of the new floors to the ones already in place. Site-finishing your floors also allows for custom touches, such as creative inlays, that aren’t available in prefinished options. Another benefit of unfinished hardwood flooring is the boards are often more stable and even, as they are sanded after placement.

Cons of Unfinished Hardwood

Although there are some great benefits to choosing unfinished hardwood flooring, there are some downsides as well. The biggest downside is probably the inconvenience going this route can cause. The installation process takes much longer since the planks are finished at your home. This means more time with your home in disorder while your contractor works on your floors. You also have to wait for the floors to fully dry and cure before you can walk on them or put your furniture back. This can take days to weeks depending on the floor. Finishing the hardwood on-site also has the potential to expose your home to harsh fumes, which affects some people more than it does others.

When choosing between unfinished and prefinished hardwood flooring, it’s important to look at the pros and cons to decide which is best for your home and your lifestyle. For more information or to schedule a free in-home consultation, contact Floor Coverings International Dakota County today! We proudly serve the Burnsville, Apple Valley, Eagan, & St. Paul areas and can help you find the perfect hardwood floors you’ve been looking for.


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