burnsville tile backsplashesIf you’re considering any sort of kitchen remodeling project, adding a backsplash or upgrading the backsplash you have has certainly crossed your mind. Backsplashes boost your kitchen’s functionality by preventing damage from spills and splatters, and they also create a design focal point in your home. At Floor Coverings International Dakota County, we’re proud to provide backsplashes for the greater Burnsville area.

Why Add a Backsplash?

  • Add Visual Interest – Backsplashes are a centerpiece of kitchen design and can help to unite your kitchen’s décor theme. While backsplashes don’t take up much real estate in the kitchen itself, they’re a detail that counts in your experience of the space.
  • Prevent Water Damage – By making spills and splatters easier to clean, backsplashes help prevent water damage in your home. You’ll enjoy the easier kitchen maintenance, and your walls will thank you for preventing mold, mildew, and other damage from culinary mishaps.
  • Reflect Light – Tile backsplashes especially boast the added benefit of reflecting light in your home. This trait makes your kitchen look roomier and brighter, which is sure to raise your enjoyment of the space.

Popular Backsplash Designs

  • Subway Tile – Subway tiles bring a small piece of the big city right into your own home. Subway tile designs have been a popular decorative feature since the subway itself debuted in 1904, but using subway tiles as part of a backsplash has been a notable hit this decade.
  • Natural Stone – Natural stone is a showpiece wherever it’s used in the home, but it can be particularly striking as a kitchen backsplash. Like tile, natural stone is easy to clean, and stone is also an investment piece that will serve well in your home for many years to come.
  • Mosaic Tile – Mosaic tile backsplashes take their name from mosaic artwork and bring the beauty of classical design into your home. Mosaic tile backsplashes make use of small, colored, tile squares and are a smart way to infuse your home with color while reflecting light that will brighten your space.

Whether you’re interested in one of the backsplash designs above or a custom project all your own, the team at Floor Coverings International Dakota County is here to help. Call us today to schedule a free Design Consultation; one of our expert Design Associates will bring our Mobile Showroom to your home and guide you in selecting the perfect samples for your project. All Design Consultations also include a free estimate and project proposal. Call us today to schedule yours!

Photo: John Wollwerth