Wood-like tile flooring is the perfect solutionwood-like tile Apple Valley for homeowners in Apple Valley who are seeking a chic but more affordable alternative to real hardwood. State-of-the-art technological developments have made wood-like tile flooring hyper-realistic and one of the hottest home décor crazes. Our friendly experts at Floor Coverings International Dakota County have put together some helpful information for you if you are considering wood-like tile flooring for your home.

What is it?

Wood-like flooring is made from porcelain or ceramic tiles. Wood grain and swirl designs are then printed on the tiles using modern high definition printers. They can be significantly cheaper than hardwood and useful alternatives to vinyl or laminate flooring.


Benefits of Wood-Like Tile Flooringwood-like tile Apple Valley

Hardwood flooring tends to wear down in areas with high traffic or furniture, such as entryways, the kitchen, and the dining room. The stress put on real hardwood can manifest as scratches, dents, and a fading surface sheen. Further, since they are made from porcelain or ceramic, you don’t need to be concerned about the potential of water damage.

Fears of stains, warping, or expansion/contraction won’t be an issue with these modern tiles. Wood-like flooring reduces the worries associated with hardwood while still giving you a similar elegance. Wood-like tile’s cost-effectiveness is an added bonus for Apple Valley homebuilders or renovators on a tight budget.

They come in square or plank varieties. Plank tiles will give your home a closer hardwood appearance whereas square tiles will modernize the feel of any space.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Wood-like flooring can feel cooler and not as soft underfoot than real hardwood does. You can alleviate this by using area rugs to keep your and the room warmer and your feet more comfortable.
  • While investing in authentic hardwood flooring is sure to boost the value of your home, the same can’t be said for wood-like tile. Though it will make your home more aesthetically appealing, it won’t necessarily increase its value.
  • Make sure to hire a professional when installing wood-like tile in your Apple Valley home, as they are trickier to install than other tiles or hardwoods. A trained eye is needed to make sure the grout lines and color are congruent to the tiling. This will ensure the tiles mimic the tightness of hardwood flooring as closely as possible.

If you’re interested in installing wood-like tile flooring in your home, your local experts at Floor Coverings International Dakota County are here to help. Call today for a complimentary in-home consultation, including a visit from our mobile showroom.

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