luxury vinyl flooring in burnsville, mnSome Burnsville homeowners and commercial property owners have long considered vinyl a low-end and low-budget flooring option that deserves the bad rap it often gets. However, new and improved vinyl flooring, now called luxury vinyl, comes in tiles and planks and has become one of the hottest flooring trends in recent years. This upscale vinyl product incorporates the best qualities of the original 50s-era vinyl with superior design aesthetics, versatility, and convenience.


Luxury vinyl flooring (LVF) is manufactured using an updated process of layered construction. These layers give luxury vinyl important features that help it overcome the hurdles associated with plain vinyl. The base layer of luxury vinyl is the backing, which provides the resilience common to vinyl flooring. Next comes the color layer, also standard to all vinyl. The insertion of the third photographic film layer puts luxury vinyl laps ahead of its predecessors. This film allows luxury vinyl to imitate the look of real hardwood and natural stone. The top layer, generally composed of either aluminum oxide or clear polyurethane, is a protective coating that increases durability and makes for low maintenance flooring.


Versatility is the foundation of the manufacturing process of luxury vinyl. The photographic layer’s function is to insert textures, designs, and additional enhancements that allow luxury vinyl to mimic other flooring materials. In addition to real wood and stone, the newest designs mimic cork, leather, and even sisal. These options allow consumers to replicate a higher-end flooring surface that might not be within their budget or practical for actual use. Recent production innovations also give luxury vinyl a longer lifespan. Some high-quality products come with 20-25-year warranties.


Luxury vinyl bears little resemblance to the stick-on vinyl tiles that DIY consumers grew to love and hate in the 20th century. Today’s popular luxury vinyl styles include planks that mimic hardwood and tiles that imitate ceramic or stone. When opting for luxury vinyl, homeowners in the Burnsville, Apple Valley, Eagan, & St. Paul areas get to bypass the tricky installation required for some of those other materials. Additional enhancements include Teflon and antibacterial coatings, as well as rubber matting for more stain resistance and increased comfort.

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