luxury vinyl planks in Apple ValleyThere’s a material that’s taken the flooring world by storm over the last few years, and that’s luxury vinyl. Because it has the word “vinyl” in it, some Apple Valley homeowners may initially be scared away from it. However, this product is not like the vinyl of the past, but instead it harnesses the power of modern technology to become a new and improved version of the less impressive vinyl that was popular in the 1970s. Floor Coverings International Dakota County offers a variety of luxury vinyl styles, including those in tiles and planks. Here we’ll look at plank style luxury vinyl flooring and how it could be a great choice for your next project.

What is Luxury Vinyl?

Luxury vinyl is constructed in layers, which is largely what gives it a big leg up over traditional vinyl flooring. The base layer, or backing, creates a stable foundation. On top of that is the color layer, which helps give it a stylish appearance, and there are many colors you can choose from. On top of the color layer is what really gives luxury vinyl its edge. A high definition photographic layer provides endless aesthetic possibilities. This advanced technology makes it possible for luxury vinyl to imitate the look of other flooring materials, such as hardwood or natural stone and tile. The final top layer of luxury vinyl is a protective coating that protects against scratches and scuffs. It’s typically a coat of either aluminum oxide or polyurethane, which enhances the durability of the floor.

Perks of Luxury Vinyl Planks

The ability to mimic real hardwood floors really comes in handy when talking about luxury vinyl planks. As hardwood floors are traditionally installed as planks, having a luxury vinyl alternative to this popular style gives homeowners in the Burnsville, Apple Valley, Eagan, & St. Paul area more options. Luxury vinyl is significantly less expensive than many real hardwood varieties. Now homeowners on a budget can get the look and durability of hardwood floors at the affordable cost of vinyl.

Another perk of luxury vinyl planks is they can mimic types of hardwood that are otherwise hard to come by, perhaps due to species endangerment or the difficulty of obtaining certain exotic woods. Luxury vinyl planks allow you to have an exclusive and unique style without the high price or damage caused by deforestation. You have a lot of say in the look and style of your luxury vinyl planks. Some varieties even include textural replications of hardwood to further imitate the real thing.

Your Local Flooring Providers

Floor Coverings International Dakota County is your local, trusted flooring company here in the Apple Valley area. We offer luxury vinyl styles from leading brands, including Armstrong’s popular Vivero Luxury Flooring line. We also offer free in-home design consultations where we bring our mobile showroom, containing over 3,000 flooring samples, right to your door. That way you can see what the different options would look like in your own home. To learn more or schedule your free estimate, contact us today!


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