Did an excellent job! Would recommend them.
Turnham, Dale/Terolle
Brain provided excellent service from start to finish. He worked hard to find a product that met my needs and budget. He was involved throughout the installation process always returning my calls promptly. I was impressed with his attention to detail and desire to ensure I was satisfied. An overall positive experience and I am very happy with my new floors!
Mary Savage
the contractor only appeared at our job a few times, as he kept going back to a previous job but his assistant did a very good job
Davids, Larry
very professional
Sharmaa, Neerja
Installers did an awesome job. They came when they said, and finished when they said they would. The finished product looks great. The bidding process was not as smooth as I would have hoped. I like a detailed written bid for these kinds of projects, and had to go back and forth a couple of times for clarification.
Becker, Carol
Salesman was very clear and informative. Service was great. They were very polite and careful and good. Love the carpet and especially the pad.
Fergus, Susan &
more open to costs and recommendation
Laux, Allen
Help us take care of our stairs and the problem. Retired couples who want to improve their home do not invest that much of their retirement money to have it botched. Also I'd like the name of the company you send these stairs out to as Randy and I will be reporting this company to BBB along with others. Everyone who sees these steps cannot believe it and any company would leave it that way. So I'd like the name and address please. Thank you Joyce Wilmes-Inouye
Wilmes-Inouye, Joyce
I had hardwood flooring and baseboard trim installed and trim around several doors. I was very specific multiple times that the base & door trim were to be stained red oak to match the stairway & existing door trim. Some of the base and all of the trim seem to have different stains - one that has a redish tone and one that is devoid of any red. Joe kept saying that this is due to the nature of wood and how pieces will absorb stain differently. I understand that and have seen that effect in real wood. However, red oak stain will always have a reddish quality, even when it's heavily absorbed, but the darker pieces clearly have no reddish quality to them. The outer walls of the house are poured concrete with standard sheet rock inside. There are irregularities in the walls and I was concerned about the base installation. I showed this to Joe when he was estimating and he said they'd have to glue the base to the wall. The corner pieces are custom & narrow towards the top. I expressed concern that the base would need to be cut at an angle to fit tight against the corner pieces. I was assured it would be. Almost every corner was poorly cut, resulting in gaps. Some of these gaps were filled with a light colored putty, then darkened with a marker. Some of them clearly stand out and do not look good. I reported scratches in the flooring the day after the floor install. There were also many glue spots on the flooring. The installer was to come out to repair scratches & remove glue on a specified date. He didn't show up that day. Several days later, he showed up unannounced as we were going out. We agreed he would fix the scratches & remove glue when returning to install the base. He never did this work. The base install was delayed multiple times. When they called to schedule a specific day, I explained to Joe that we were having driveway installed & needed to stay off the concrete & paving during the time they wanted to come. There was an alternate entry, but they would have to carry equipment maybe 70 feet, or wait till following week. Joe said that shouldn't be a problem, but when the installer arrived, he was very unhappy. He asked why we were doing this install. He said he was thinking of leaving. He made a call, then started on the job. When I later asked him how it was going, he said that he wished someone else had this job. He said he wanted to leave. I called Joe, who stopped by later. The installer left mid afternoon, leaving poorly fitting base with visible gaps between base & corner pieces & spots where the base stood out from the wall in some places more than 1/4 inch. Although they left early, they were not finished installing the base. Joe asked if they could return Sunday, which I agreed to. Only the apprentice arrived. When I pointed out the gaps, he called the installer, who didn't answer & didn't return his call. Joe had asked me to text him if there were any concerns, so I did. The apprentice went out, bought putty and spent the day filling gaps with uncolored putty, which made them stand out even more. I reported the issues to Joe, along with nail holes that clearly stood out on base & trim. Joe asked me to go around and mark each with blue tape. On the last day of the install, I was going around with a mop & tape to mark the scratches & glue spots, as Joe requested. I was using a mop to make sure the smudges were glue & not just other dirt. The installer looked at one set of scratches near the door & stated that they were dog scratches, not something they did. I had never seen scratches from the dog before, but didn't argue the point. Later on, the installer accused me of using a magnifying lens & marking scratches & smudges that were not of their making. He then said he was leaving, refused to listen to me or to look at specific spots I marked, ones I had reported right after the flooring install. In the end, Joe left me a marker & jar of putty, saying that he was sure I'd find something amiss & could use that to fix it. Joe also recommended that if I ever had another job of this type, I should choose a laminated wood instead of real wood because of my concern over what appear to be different colored stains.
Julia Landry
While I absolutely love my tile backsplash I was very disappointed in the clean up & left with a MW oven that was no longer attached firmly. After two calls of complaint. Joe & Erik did come out and (hopefully?) fix my MW. When I selected your company to do this job one of the deciding factors was the promise that "everything would be left as though nothing happened" except I would have a new beautiful backsplash. I had to spend $40 (unplanned) to have my granite counter top & the backsplash!
Suzanne Larson